About Me

After being a very successful Potter for many years I became interested in working with glass about 12 years ago. I started fusing colourful glass to make handles that could be attached to my teapots also bowls etc and now work almost entirely with glass.

In 1990 I completed an Associate Diploma in Visual Arts at the University of Western Sydney, NSW and at the completion I won a major award for my ‘marine fish teapots’. Since moving back to Western Australia in 1996 I continued to win awards firstly with my teapots and now with my beautiful glass. Over the years I have participated in many courses to advance my knowledge in working with glass and the scope is endless. I always loved working with colour and now I get amazing results with the glass I use, I get quite excited opening the kiln to see wonderful new pieces. There is really no limit to some of the amazing pieces that can be made with glass, it’s a matter of stretching my imagination as far as possible and creating unique works of art.

The inspiration for my work is derived from the magnificent colours found around Australia in my travels, the wonderful scenic landscapes from the tropics in the North to the deep red of the Kimberley and Uluru.